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RiggenHO Series 1000-
$48.95, unassembled less $5.00. 3 or more, $44.95 each

Contact us by e-mail to order, we can also do custom mods with rear wheels, gear sets, upgraded fronts, and any body style....

                                  RHO 1001 Porsche 917

--Four Body Styles...
Original and Unique body styles from the vintage, hand carved molds:
    1001 Porsche 917: Silver, Red, Blue and Orange. This style is similar to the original #116
    1002 Hot Rod Truck:
Green, Gold, Red and Blue. Was a vintage limited release HR-8 Model T Runabout
    1003 Four Engine Dragster: Pink, Gold, Green and Blue--Never before released!
    1004 Blown Bug: Yellow, Black, Green and Orange--Never before released!
--Cad-cam designed brass chassis and shaker plate
--Correct repro guide flag with berryllium flags
--Vintage NOS Mabuchi HT-50 (gold wire)
--Custom ALUMINUM front and rear wheels (press on)
--Silicon "No-Tear" rear tires, O-ring front tires
--Correct wire retainer guide and guide flag retainer pin
--Upgraded Tomy G+ 25/7 gear set

Here are all the body styles and colors available. Separate Sale replacement bodies are available.

all colors series 000