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RiggenHO #009 Chaparral 2-J $59.95

Here is the Chaparral 2-J available Ready To Race on your home tracks. Specially built shaker plate with pin tubes sits on the new RiggenHO 3000 Series chassis. The Chap 2-J was a revolutionary car in Can Am racing history.

Riggen Industries was prepared to release a 2-J RTR car in the 1970's but cost cutting prevented the development of a new chassis. The wide body style with covered rear wheels would have required a special shaker plate and though prototypes were thought to have been designed for this body, the car never was released commercially.....until now! This body is vacu-formed from the original Riggen Industries molds.

Bodies are also available in White, Gold and PINK, all with black center stripes..!!!

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RiggenHO custom chassis and shaker plate with soldered pin tubes to accomodate the wide Chap 2-J body.

All other components are from the 3000 Series chassis inclusing green wire arm motor, Wizzard rear silicons and
aluminum independant fronts.

This is a smooth running, UNIQUE car for your collection. This chassis can be hopped up like all of our chassis' with state of the improvements including different gear, wheel and tire options.

(Sorry, this limited edition SUPER DETAILED version is sold out...)

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