A&L Sport II for RC10

Base was a RC10talk purchase of a pretty nice car w nice parts. I don't remember exactly how I got it, (different fr arms, w/o electrics) but it was nice. I know I changed the wheels myself, added the yellow bellcrank, not sure what tx it had when I bought it but whatever...

A & L Sport 2 Conversion Kit

Here is what it looks like now:


Has these correct kit parts:

G10Fiberglass Chassis
G10 RR black shock tower
Upper Shock mounting blocks and wing mounts
RR bumper
Trailing Arms, Hinge Pins
RR body mount post


See's or TA wheels, SpeedMaster knock offs
Andy's white front arms
RPM wh ballcups
yellow A&L bellcrank
hop turnbuckles

ProLine Step-Pin Pro-87 2.2 x 1.65 rears
AE TQ-71 fronts

still needs:

motor, electrics year appropriate
(need motorplate?)
fr body mount
body have seen with a Viper, and a Mirage note has wider wing mounts
fr wheels spacers (some play in current set up)
fr bumper has a small crack

may replace the transmission to use a yellow A&L #200 as was advertised 1990, 1991 but needs a drilling template (check to see iof fits direct to conversion kit)

gear cover

To note, A&L still offering parts: http://vintageteamaandl.com (2016)

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