"Bogus" Bob Haze----aka Bob Hayes Remembers these tracks!
(Feb 2009)

The Parma race. Gary's car stolen (after he T.Q.'d?), and he borrowed
Scott Hebron's Riggen, and made a tremendous win. Tony Porcelli second with the Super II, and I was third, with another Riggen. Which I still have!

I also have, someplace, the issue of Miniature Auto Racing, the one with Carl Dreher's race report from Parma. Later, I took over the M.A.R. "HO Scene" column from Gary, before college took me away from HO racing. Back then I went by "Bogus" Bob Haze.

I believe these tracks were made by Engleman, and sometimes referred to as "Car Model" layouts. We had another one of these here in the Northeast for a few years, resting against a wall, mostly devoid of its braid, at Modelville Hobby, in Ashland, Massachusetts.

That was a big day at Parma. I met lots of people with whom I'd been corresponding from all over the country, for several years, many of whom
hadn't been able to make it to an Indiana or Michigan HOPRA race. There was
a racer from W. Virginia, perhaps Huntington, whose name may have been Marty -- great guy, good builder; we lost touch after that day.

The Flint monster track, with the ramped wall of death. I remember racing on
this track several times at Victor George Oldsmobile. Alan Miltich was a master promoter, and had two of the fastest racers in the U.S. in his club, Dennis Demole and Steve Brown. Dennis was usually very cool, and Steve, by contrast, was very amped up. We loved Steve, he was amazingly easy to unhinge.

- Rob Hayes (historically with WHORA, Westland, MI)
now, Miniature Auto Racing Club, New England,
and NYCONN, New York and Connecticut