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TCP Professional HO Scale Race Car Parts 1971-1974?

Please contact me if you need large versions of these scans or a copy of the installation directions.
Your feedback, historical insight, personal experience and any additional information about these products
or other Pro Racer parts from the time (Laganke, Bronze Man, Bamberg, Pro-Comp, Thayer, Perkkett/KMT,
DCRP Spider and similar) would be greatly appreciated.

Historical Reference:
TCP was started by Tom Coyne and developed the most wanted HO race car parts for PROFESSIONAL racers of the early 70's. Part of a tight knit group
of enthusiasts and small manufacturers in the midwest (see also Bronzeman in Ionia Mi, Thayer in Flint, Mi, Laganke in Ohio, K & K (Randy Kemp) in Indiana and DCRP in Gary, Indiana), TCP was known for innovation and quality. Many of the TCP commercial products were the result of collaborations with Pro racers of the time, and TCP was able to bring individual innovation to a slightly wider market. As quoted by a racer of the era (JB), "TCP was always the highest quality, everything he did was the best out there..."

TCP was bought by Gary Beedle of BSRT/Scale Auto in 1974 to expand their own line of high performance HO scale parts, a BSRT theme which continues to this day.

example of the Pro Pan

All TCP pans were available RTR on a new chassis or your own chassis with work done by the company. Note that TCP literature notes an 025 size, an 030 size and an 032 size. Insulating the pan from the pick ups was a key installation step (most used scotch tape). Failure to properly do so led to smoke in any number of places....

price list 1, price list 2

Mounting instructions for the TCP Open Class Pan on the Aurora AFX Chassis by Tom Coyne and Marty Thalison
---Marty Thalison article: Installing the TCP Super Pro Pan,  Page 1 , Page 2
                    -and again by Tom Coyne himself...
page 1, page 2

(click image for larger versions)

5/16th Wheels w Sponge Tires (Gold, Silver, Black, Blue, Green, Red) and with special wrench.
     ***TCP mounted the wheel locking nut on the 080 hreaded axle from the INSIDE using a specially made wrench. This allowed
     The wheel/tire to be wider- improving stance and roadholding because there was no wasted "nut space" between
     the inside of the wheel and the axle. Most classes that these cars ran in had a width limit of 1 5/16th's.

Key Products:

Bushings Nuts Bolts 2-56 Nuts arm bushings brush tubes donuts guide pin hardware wire

wipers (These may have been sourced from Bronze Man Products, also in Michigan, owned by Marty Thalison.)


Open Class Pan was designed specifically for the AFX chassis. The version with front wheels had brass tubing soldered to the fronts and used wheel pins for split independent rotation. )
also in 032 and steel

Brass 025 kit for AFX with front wheels

030 steel kit

025 Super Pro Pan also in 030 and 032 and with front wheels "Ready to mount on the AFX chassis"

example of Super Pro Pan

Very RARE: AFX modified chassis for use with the TCP Pro Pan.....more details here....