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Here are some pictures of vintage brass chassis racers from the era....(many pictures, possible long load time)

Bob Kircher style HO Lead Sled, as described in November 1971 Car Model Magazine

underside view, note custom guide flag from plastic sheet, bat pans, and drop down flag...

Great chassis flex, car rides very smooth (modern sili slip ons)

Brass Custom Anglewinder, same builder (builder unknown)

rear mount pin tubes to mount body, custom guide flag from plastic sheet

Another Anglewinder, with drop arm action, TycoPro flag
Came to us with a copy of August 1970 Car Model Magazine, its built from the plans in that magazine from the article
"How to Build an HO Anglewinder" by Tom Malone....The magazine even had the template cut out!

Note the drop arm down stop...

Piano Wire Style Brass HO Anglewinder

Has similar downstop as car above, rear/top body mount, plenty of solder--probably for extra weight...

Unfortunately the motor has come loose, needs a proper attachment method....

Vintage Modified Dynabrute

single brass tube body mount, AJ's springed fronts, Dynabrute pan solderd solid...TycoPro 2 guide flag system

Vintage Modified Cobramite

Velcro body mount, increased drop arm action and weighted bottom pan. Super 2 fronts