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RiggenHO Magazine Car Limited Edition: Riggen HO Anglewinder
--built and painted by Kevin Crowe---"The Winning Edge"

Limited Edition of 10............$135 each June 2009
June 9th, 3pm...sold out...


October 1972 was an important time in the history the HO Brass Wars. "Pro" style cars were being commercialized by Riggen Industries with the Riggen Boss HO line as well as Cobramite and Dynabrute. Traction magnets were not yet mainstream---Sure to follow these new chassis' designs were the many hop up parts and of course magazine hop up and "improvement" articles....This limited edition is based upon the Car Model Magazine October 1972 article written by Ed Bianchi called:

This is a picture scanned from the magazine article....the full article is available on the links below....

Build Details...

Paraphrasing from the 1972 article, this chassis is described as "basically a Boss Riggen with the motor mounted Anglewinder fashion". The advantage of this layout is in better weight distribution, with the motor weight closer to the rear wheels allowing better steering and more grip at the rear. Cornering better and a providing a smoother ride--so all in all--better DRIVABILITY....

The article says that a Riggen Anglewinder can be built in around three hours...So you can get a feel the effort and attention required to make this Limited Edition a reality. Our version begins with a stock RiggenHO chassis, stock front wheel assembly, stock guide flag assembly and a vintage HT-50 can motor...modifications were then made according to the steps of the article. Deviations from the article are slight, notably the brass retainer nut used for securing the guide flag, and some extra brass weighting applied on top of and below the chassis...

Of obvious note in the design is the layout, the hand formed motor cage, the brass tubes for the body mounts, and of course the drive train...New screw on aluminum wheels and slip on silicon tires provide chassis to track contact...The bodies used in this edition are VINTAGE Riggen Industries shells that have been painted period style. Featuring the #107 Firebird (style 2) and the #111 Vega Funny Car.


Driving Impressions...

KUDOS to Kevin for completing this project with a very faithful rendition. All effort was made to remain as faithful as possible to the original magazine car---and certain issues were discovered with the reality of the design...

We have test run the chassis, a few times with gusto and then again on a parade route...In its groove, the car is extremely manageable and handles very well. Secure through turns and has power in reserve. Vibration can occur from start until up to speed, and the car can be a little "HOPPY" with the new silicon slip ons. The ride improves as the tires pick up some track wear and a little slip. I also wonder if the gear ratio is optimal as the power band is very aggressive--yet needs a smooth acceleration to remain mannerly. One real complaint is the way the body is mounted---as original to the article, the body is mounted by four pins through the top of the body! NOT EASY!!! I also think that the shaker plate benefit from the original Boss HO design (reducing body vibration) is lost.

All in all this is a very cool chassis and a great era correct example of the design and experimentation efforts of the Brass Wars!


The full article is here:

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Test Car pictures, chassis 1 March 2009

alternative paint and detail...

Customer Satisfaction:

On another note the limited edition arrived and it is spectacular, the pics didn't do this one justice. Keep up the great work!

Regards, Jxx

Ron,received the car the other day and I must say it IS Beautiful!!!!
Thanks again and God bless.


Thanks Ron.

You can pretty much count on me buying one of every limited release.

Rxxxxxx Lxxxxx


The Vega is awesome and can't wait for the next ltd edition.

Pxxxx Nxxxxx


Hi Ron,

Things are good. I picked-up the Vega yesterday. Great craftsmanship! I wish that I could be that talented.

Bxxxx Sxxxxxxxxx