February, 2009

Ron, Finished up the car. It runs out good on the bench but it's not track tested. As you know, I could care less about how they actually run, probably stems from the fact that I once raced these and without gobs of glue and sponge it's just not the same. I have had thoughts of recreating a 70s HOPRA, glue the track up, hand everyone a pan car, glue bottle, sheet of bronze and go racing. Of course tell them to all bring their little scissors!

You know I hate doing bodies, I paint up probably 20 at a time and keep them untrimmed in a big zip lock. I had not painted any in a long time, got the car done and looked for my bag, I had exactly two bodies, a red Trans/Am and this Ferrari! Assuming you didn't want another red Trans/Am I did up the Ferrari, what are the odds!

I think this is a 636? It's not quite tall enough on the sides for an Aurora pan car and the wheel wells get into the rear deck a bit too much. A while back I did up a similar Ferrari, don't know the number, it had the same problem but it was in black and wasn't as noticeable, bottom pic, that one recently went to England.

I bought a couple hundred Scale Auto (Parma) and Rothwell bodies 3-4 years ago, several of ones I knew worked well and a lot of pairs of ones that I didn't have the slightest idea of what they were. I'm keeping a list of how well they mount.

This has the custom wound #37 gold wire on a stock arm with the laminations painted black. Tuff Ones silver brushes, TCP brush tubes, reproduction TCP front and rears, Tuff Ones nylon idler gear and rear axle bushings, one on the cluster too.