Brass Wars Reproduction #4

Pan: TCP Brass Super Pro Pan .025
Body Mount/Floater: Brass Handmade
Guide Pin: TCP Steel
Pickups: .003 Bronze/Fabricated Holders
Chassis: NOS
Motor Brush Spring Type: Stock
Motor Brushes: Afx NOS Silver Domed
Magnets: Blue & Yellow Super II
Gear Plate: Good Used
Gear Plate Clamp: NOS
Armature: Red Tip/Green Wire Used
Armature Gear: Stock, Good Used
Idler Gear: NOS, Hand Drilled
Cluster Gear: AFX W/bushing and Bolt
Crown Gear: TycoPro 19 Tooth
Front Axle: 1/16" Brass Tube W/Pins and Springs
Front Wheels/Tires: AJ's Aluminum W/ O-Ring
Rear Axle: AJ's .059 Threaded
Rear Tires: AJ's Alum Hub Sponge W/ inside Jam Nuts
Body: Scale Auto Vintage Parma Lexan Mounted W/Pins
Body Type, Color, Number: Lola, Yellow, #3
Extras: Notes: This has AJ's front wheels that came with soft springs to go between the chassis and wheel.