Brass Wars Reproduction #5,#6

All but one of the cars have brush tubes and all but one have bearings on the rear axle, all have a bearing on the cluster gear

One is a TCP Pro Pan and the other a TCP Open Class Pan both with TCP soldered up fronts. I used all the parts that came in the kits on each car, both have the steel machined guide pin, and NOS TCP front hubs and tires. One set is gold, the other silver, they were all one color on each card. The cars are almost clones in the running gear, blue/yellow magnets, 19 tooth Tyco Pro crown gears, reproduction rear TCP rims, brush tubes, machined idler gear and #37 rewinds. If you will notice on one of the cars (on left) I used the TCP provided brass bar and did it like TCP intended. This was not the best set up, you could always tell the guys running like that, they were always crying that they lost a pickup.

On the Rothwell Ferrari I got the body mounted to far forward, I paint the bodies before I mount them and I didn't locate the wheel wells until after I had it pinned. In true historical fashion I left as is because if I was going racing it was most likely my only body and it had to be used. Heck, back then I would have patched up the one I ran over and used it. Both of these bodies have molded in drivers, on the Kroll he sits kind of high, on the Ferrari he is so low I had to grind his body away from underneath and fill the hole with epoxy. Also on the Ferrari there wasn't any extra height on the sides to work with, a tricky body to work with. On the Pro Pan car there are 3 basic ways to get the wire ran from back to front, cut the brass out wider, cut the center plastic around the brush holders away or cut a slot in the bottom of the chassis so the wire is exposed inside the motor and laying on the pan. I did yours the last way, just for some variety.