Brass Wars Reproduction #8

I remember a car like this in an old Car Model how to article. I think that one had the motor just sitting on the pan and was soldered in, that would be way to easy. The motor is held in with 4 screws tapped into the can. The spur gear is soldered to a hex nut so it acts as the lock nut for that side. I remember in the article there was mention of how to get the T-Jet 9 tooth with a .063 ID centered onto the motor shaft with a .059 OD. Their method was to keep doing it until it was close enough. I took some .002 shim stock and wrapped it around the motor shaft so the gear would fit snug, I then sweat soldered it on. Since the time era of this car was before TCP I used Aj's on the front and that's why I didn't use a Riggen wire clamp. The rear end set up is a drilled out piece of tube with bushings pressed in and held in place with piano wire, all soldered together. The body mount floater is I think .090 thick, because they had to be cut away so much I still wanted them strong. The gear mesh is perfect, the sponge rubber is new on Aj's hubs.