produced by Terry Flynn

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Limited Edition of 10, $110 each (SOLD OUT, stay tuned for next Limited edition)
June 2007

As we have said many times before, our customer feedback drives much of our innovation...Terry Flynn has been a RiggenHO customer over the past year and I have benefited greatly from the feedback, suggestions and tweaks he has shared with me. You have seen many of the upgrades he designed, some of which are the "HOW TO" articles linked from our Home Page..

Terry has built me some special cars for my personal collection with his modifications. The cars he builds are very impressive. Even though we have the RTR version of the Riggen 3000 Series running real nice right now, his modified version of the chassis is a step up. The modifcations Terry makes to the chassis can be described as "intermediate" in nature, but the performance improvement is anything but.

The design of this chassis is an evolution of the original Riggen chassis design using some modern items but more importantly a healthy amount of custom hand building using "pro racer" style techniques. We present for your consideration the NEW-OLD SCHOOL RiggenHO chassis in a limited edition of ten cars.

As befitting the chassis with this much effort amd attention, we chose to commission a very special run of Vintage hand Painted Bodies done by legendary Joe "Noose" Neumeister.

Parts List:

Riggen 3000 chassis with pinned shaker plate. All parts "de-horned".
RiggenHO pin style pick up.
Mushroom Cap for proper weighting
Brass Independant Fronts
Advanced HT-50 style can with front and rear bearings. Motor run in on 9V
G+ Gear Set
Wizzard LAW .440 silicone spong tires and wheels
Wizzard .063 drill blank rear axle
Custom rear brass axle boss bushings to extend chassis life and remove excess "noise"

VINTAGE Riggen custom painted bodies, Painted by "NOOSE"

Each body, motor and chassis sequentially numbered in limited edition of ten

Track tested

If you have some ideas for hot modifcations and would like to work together on a special edition limited run (You supply the effort, we supply the parts, we share the proceeds), please contact us at ron@riggenho.com