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Founder Edition, December 2005

Limited Edition of 6 Hot Rods

All painted gold, 3 with black noses and three with silver noses. Vintage Lancer lexan body. Vintage braided guide flags, NOS copper wire HT-50 motors, 20/8 AFX gear set, stock RHO press on wheels and RT Brass inde fronts. Special packaging (white backed label) and insert letter.

Four of these were given to friends instrumental in the development of the RHO line over the past 5 years! One remains in the toybaron.com collection. One Hot Rod will be sold with all proceeds dontated to a worthy charitable endeavour!

(Car #6 was sold on December 26th to Bruce S. Thank you for your support. 100% of the proceeds have been donated to the American Red Cross. Happy Holidays 12/2005!)

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