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Now Available: Vintage Riggen Model Racing Collectors Poster
-- Riggen Model Racing Collectors Poster $7.95, includes USPS tube shipping.
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This poster was originally published in 1998 by Brookedan Publishing and includes pictures of almost all the original Riggen Boss HO Series cars and Mr. Hot Rod Truck Series trucks.
Posters are approx 17 x 24 and shows each car in near "actual size".

For a list of "collector" notes, changes and additions to the poster, please scroll down!

(Click images for larger version)

NEW (September 2006): changes and corrections to the poster!

--The “wider”, less detailed cars are typically style 2 cars made later by Gayla.
--Many of the bodies are very similar to those of Kirby, perhaps by commercial agreement, or otherwise? (Cobramite and Lancer had a similar agreement?).

--Missing style #122 does exist?

Refer to the poster row 1, starting from the left…

#100 first car shown is actually style 2, second shown is style 1, possibly Kirby #802.
#101 is poss Kirby #805
#102 fourth car is style 2, fifth car is style 1
#103 is style 2 of the Porsche #116 and is really a Porsche 917-K, next row first car is style 1 and is of the “short tail” version of the 917-K
#104 next two cars are labeled properly and note car 5 on bottom row is probably the same body. I have not been able to see any differences besides name on the price sheets….
#105 Bug poss Kirby 807
#106 LRW poss Kirby 813
#107 Firebird poss Kirby 804. There is also a style 2 of this car, very rare in original painted version.. 
#108 third row looks right
#109 BRM style notations are flopped
#110 Opel, not noticed a style 2 of this car but have seen distinctly different paint jobs. Earl? Cars are one color, later cars have multi-colors and stripes?
#111 Vega is as is
#112 fourth row on poster is actually style 2, there is a style 1 as well which is poss Kirby #821..
#113 very rare, poss Kirby #814
#114 has two versions, pictured is style 2 (bigger and blockier) where as style 1 has more detail:
#115 seems fine. (I have a large supply of clear bodies very similar in design but thicker material, not sure who made by but sold through Autoworld came along with my Lola and Bryant)
#116 is also a 917-K (Porsche made this v confusing) and poss Kirby 809 or 823
#117 and #118 are the only two styles I have seen with flames
#119 through #126 nothing to add, note #122 from link above

TT-1 is named this way because there was supposed to be at least a TT-2!!   
Same font type and size on the sticker, same wheels and same type of plastic material used for the trailer.

Hot Rods only small notes on these, HR-6 is poss Kirby 817 but note very small changes to the body: the clear ones I found and used for the founders cars do NOT have grooves at the front! The sidewalling is also different? The HR-8 is VERY rare in original packaging, my remakes are from that original mold.