Press Release, May 2005

We are pleased to announce that RiggenHo Model Racing HO Scale Race Cars are now in production and available for purchase, track tested and ready for racing!

Riggen Model Racing took the HO Scale Racing world by storm in the early 1970’s with their introduction of a brass pan chassis and shaker plate that lowered the car’s center of gravity, reduced rattle and allowed the full potential of can style motors (like TycoPro was using) to dominate the track. Riggen cars blew away stock T Jets and TycoPro right out of the box and instigated a furious round of improvements by all manufacturers. Aurora responded (hastily) with their Super2, and Tyco with their TycoPro2 but by then the magnet revolution had begun and HO scale racing would be changed forever.

In the late 1990’s a resurgence of T Jet HO scale racing began, perhaps as a reaction against the “too fast to see” magnet cars. There was a strong desire by nostalgic baby boomers to revisit what really felt like scale racing that didn’t cost $100’s to be competitive and where tune ups were not measured in milli-amps of fractions of millimeters! “Old School” non-magnet cars require a driver to really drive and driving skill matters! With the recent introduction and HUGE success of the Johnny Lightning line of T Jet and AFX style reproductions, T Jet and non-magnet style racing is growing again.

It’s time to revisit what was “best of breed” in the 70’s and start racing RiggenHO! Go “Old School—FAST!”

RiggenHO cars are built faithfully to original specifications. The cars are tweak-able and super fast. One accommodation to the “new era” is our use of silicon rear tires for improved traction, but vintage sponges are available (and silicon dipped sponges are on the way!).

We offer a full line of replacement parts to help you restore your original Riggen HO scale car to top running or collector condition. We currently have four body styles in four colors available now with more body styles under way. Two of our current body styles are prototypes designed in the 70’s but never released. We will also have a series of Hop Up parts using modern day technology to help increase your racing performance. For more information about RiggenHO, its history and ordering details, please see or contact Joe Corea at New Jersey Nostalgia Hobby at 908 322 2676.