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The " Sun-Noda style " and my style in general, comes from my extensive Art background and from the things I painted back in the 60's when I was a young lad.

I painted the first "Sun-Noda" with the Sun theme on a " Hugger Thingie body" back in 1968 as a way of seeing my car better on the track and to distract other racers, lol lol.

Coming out of the 60's, I went on to college and spent a decade studying Art and didn't do much with this hobby. When I picked back up the hobby again later.., I naturally retrieved my old slot-cars and there was the Sun-Painted Hugger car and I said, " Wow , I still love that paint theme ". The rest is History.

--Ray Fellows

check this page out to see the prepping process and the body mule for pinning....

Here is the One Winger and the early style is a good Thingie link: Dave Lenz Thingies.. Some good history on the link....

Here is the "One Winger Noda" on the track.....

The slammed style is called the Strike-Noda and the green bubble display has the Deep Dished Chot-Noda: