RiggenHO THINGIE 1 ...
"wrenched" by Terry Flynn, Custom Body by Picard

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Limited Edition of 13, $155 each
(EBAY LISTED, sold out)
March 2009


As many of you know who follow the developments at RiggenHO, Richard Picard is an important contributor. You can see some of his work here and here...His latest is the Blue Mist ISO that was featured early this year.

But from a practical standpoint, his best on-going contribution is his modification of a standard Riggen reproduction chassis to the classic drop-motor configuration. This indeed captures all the glamour and performance of the improved version of the original factory chassis. These chassis' have been the specified platform for most of the Limited Editions in the last year.

The “Thing 1 Limited Edition” is our way of thanking Richard for his hard work and patience. In addition, this LE introduces Richard’s “Thing 1” lexan body. This body was designed, molded, and produced by Richard. It does a fantastic job of capturing all the spirit of its larger scale brethren. You can see some reference paint jobs and Thingie examples here....

All of the concepts in this LE have had their development over time. As anyone who follows the HO racing world knows, there has been a movement away from heavy magnet cars. These include G-Jets, Thunder Storms, and P-Jets from the major suppliers. One key item in this LE is the brass can motor which provides a nice amount of magnetic attraction---but no traction magnets.

The combination of this motor and the Picard chassis has been given the nickname the RiggenHO “R-Jet”. And as with the other brass jets cars, the intention of the “R-Jet” is to be run at 12 volts. Higher voltages will require an electronic controller to get the proper amount of braking or roll better sorted out.

But not until now with the odd nature of the “Thing 1” body did it seem appropriate to have an LE based on a magnetic brass chassis. So in keeping with the odd nature of things, this LE has a build number of 13 units. There are also many other tricks and mods that have been incorporated to create a true RiggenHO Thingie.

The following are the parts specifications and build steps used:

Thing 1 LE Specifications and Build Sheet

1) RiggenHO chassis modified by Picard to classic Drop-Motor configuration. Rear axle bushings installed. Pinned shaker plate up-grade.
2) Special two-tone chassis finish.
3) Picard “Thing 1” lexan bodies painted by Noose and Watson in period color schemes. Wizzard brass body pins.
4) Mabuchi or Johnson brass motor cans with Wizzard 6 ohm Hot Stock balanced armatures. Endbells opened for cleaning window and dyed red. Wizzard motor brushes. Brush barrels tapped for positive shunt wire attachement.

5) Wizzard Predator 7T pinion and 23T crown gears dyed red.
6) Wizzard rear axle drill blank trimmed to 1.2”
7) Wizzard AST .438 silicone sponge rear tires.
8) Brass independent front axle set.
9) Tyco Pro Type One pick-up system. NOS parts.
10) Special guide flag keeper nut.

Chassis and shaker plates were ‘de-horned’ with buffing wheel. Parts were media tumbled polished for three hours. Matt finish achieved with oxide blasting. Chassis bottoms buffed. Parts were degreased and sprayed with a light coat of clear lacquer. Shaker plate and chassis fit conflicts were identified and corrected. Front shaker plate pin tubes were ground back to insure no motor brush barrel shorting. Chassis numbered on top side to correspond with car body number.

Completed chassis inspected for ‘squareness’ of wheel contact. Pickup wipers set to allow front wheel track contact. Each chassis run on 55 LF Bowman road course at 12 volts for final adjustments.

Bodies individually fit to chassis. Tape applied to inside to prevent paint scratching from shaker plate. Finished units run again.

Evens painted by Jairus, Odds painted by Noose.....

If you have some ideas for hot modifcations and would like to work together on a special edition limited run (You supply the effort, we supply the parts, we share the proceeds), please contact us at ron@riggenho.com

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