RiggenHO Trans Am 2009 Winter Special...
"wrenched" by Terry Flynn

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Limited Edition of 12, $95 each
(EBAY LISTED and sold out within 3 hours!)
February 2009


This special edition has some hand built features that make this car suitable for DAILY DRIVING!

The chassis and shaker was "de-horned" with a dremel. Parts were then media tumble polished for a consistent look.
Parts then de-greased and sprayed with clear lacquer. Special attention paid to shaker and chassis fitment,
body mount pins trimmed to assure no shorting...Rear axle uprights have bushings applied, trimmed drill blank axle.
Lead wire system is new...

Pick Up wipers hand adjusted and the weighting has been tweaked, then track tested on a 55' Bowman road course. Bodies hand trimmed to each chassis and tape applied inside to prevent scratching....

We would also like to introduce a new painter, "Sprays by Mac"... great work!

Parts List:

Riggen 3000 chassis, rear axle bushings, pinned shaker plate. All parts "de-horned".
Scale Auto Trans Am series Lexan bodies with Wizzard brass body pins
Mabuchi red arm cans, opened endbells (for comm cleaning)
Tapped and threaded brush barrels for lead wire secure connection
G+ gear set
Wizzard drill blank axles, silicone sponge tires
Aluminum independant front axle set
Repro vintage style guide flag
Lead weight
Brass flag keeper nut

Javelin purple 4

Camaro black 3

Javelin yellow 3

Mustang flames 1

Firebird copper 3

Firebird green 5

Firebird blue 4

Camaro flames 1

Camaro green 5

Mustang rust 3

If you have some ideas for hot modifcations and would like to work together on a special edition limited run (You supply the effort, we supply the parts, we share the proceeds), please contact us at ron@riggenho.com