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Riggen Industries (and other "Brass") Vintage Press and Advertising

Here is a listing of articles and ads found in vintage Slot Car magazines relating to Riggen and HO brass generally...

Model Car and Track Magazine

November 1966:
 Riggen large scale ad p 13

Car Model Magazine

January 1969:
Project Wrap Up by Pat Dennis--The Aurora HO Cobra pt 3 p 39, great custom work in brass
          (Oct 68 pt 1 and Dec 68 pt 2)
Riggen promo p 60 for large scale wheels and tires
February 1969
     Not much brass HO in this issue
March 1969
      Not much brass HO in this issue
April 1969
Riggen 1/32 Tune Up article p17 (lower the motor, improve front axle, new pinion)
May 1969
     p 62, Mention of the Mura "postage stamp" motor, the basis of the HT-50? later used by TycoPro, Riggen, Cobramite and Dynabrute...
July 1969:

     HO Racing with Jack Ayres p 56 article about brass pans
August 1969
Turning a TycoS Red Wheelie truck into a sidewinder! p 34
September 1969:
 Champion ad p 67   
November 1969   
      Not much brass HO in this issue
December 1969
     How to airbrush p 44
January 1970:
HO Racing with Dale Flanagan p46--good discussion of brass handling pans
February 1970
     TycoPro ad p9 introducing TycoPro
     "Aurora West" controller ad for Russkit controllers...p11
     Cobramite HO ad, p 15 6 body styles
     "Comes the Revolution: TycoPro" p17 3 page article--very good read! 
March 1970:
     TycoPro ad p5--introducing the TycoPro 1st four bodies
     Cobramite ad p14--New HO from Cobramite
     A New Standard in HO...Dale Flannagan Track Tests TycoPro p33
April 1970
     New TycoPro ad p5 shows orig box style packaging
     Riggen (large scale) ad for plumber style chassis
     Gorski HO Micro Controller, p 52
     Mura ad p 61 with their brass pan for the TycoPro
May 1970
      Full page TycoPro ad p5
      p53 Flanagan tip on "TP slipping pinions"
      p58 Cobramite ad
June 1970
     Mura ad showing the bat pan (with motor cooling hole) and availability of custom rewinds for HO p10
     Carl Dreher Tames the TYCO PRO p17 ...."it doesn't go around corners"
     Intro to HOPRA p43
July 1970:
     Inside cover TycoPro ad, the next 4
     p10, long column on the HT50 motor specs
     p11 Champion HO ad
     p36 AutoWorlds HO Champions, great pics of various scratchbuilts
     p42 How to advance and HO armature
     p 62 Cobra clip ad and and LaGanke HO ad
August 1970:
     How to build an HO Anglewinder by Tom Malone p18--Scratchbuilt!
HO Racing with Dale Flanagan p46--good discussion Scratchbuilding
     Mini Hell Driver Decal offer p54
September 1970
     TycoPro ad inside fr cover "Now there are 12"
     Flanagan TP tips (controllers) p13
     HO Concourse p42
October 1970
     Pic of Dave Walker HO Anglewinder (brass pan) p13
     How to make the TP Vette do Wheelies p17
     4 Wheel Drive Tjet p48
November 1970*
Cobramite mods
    HO Racing with Dale Flanagan p48 Challenger Anglewinder
       ....good thread on this story on Old Weird Harold forum (poss broken link)
December 1970:

     AJ's Panhandler ad p 9
     Cobramite Dragmite ad p 54
     Riggen 1/32 ad p58
     Jim Kirby HO Bodies ad p 58
     Cobramite Supermite ad p60
January 1971
     Cobramite Dragmite ad p10, p60 Supermite ad
February 1971
     Tom Malone column re Cobramite version 2, Mura rewind cans, p8
     2 page TycoPro ad "The souper chargers", on the new trick pan chassis
     Flanagan column: "riggen is coming out with an HO car...." also mention the Cobramite "Supermite" p50
           says that the car was supposed to have a detailed interior and the (epoxied) rewind motor
March 1971*
    Riggen Prototype mentioned in Flanagan column p 48
April 1971
Flanagan Intro TP chassis revision p27
     Dynabrute ad p55
May 1971
Twinn-K TycoPro Hop Up kit ad p8
     Flanagan critiques the Riggen, confirms Kirby bodies, Harsh on the GEAR MESH
          square teeth on the pinion and hypoid placement are mentioned as the problems (later corrected with the drop down chassis and a rounded (TycoPro???) gear)

     2 page TycoPro ad: Pat Dennis explains the re-design. New pan and shoe, new packaging
 The Dynabrutes are coming ad p11
     Great 2 page spread p36-37 on the 1971 Hobby Trade Show:
         Picture of a Riggen Can Am Racing set (I heve never seen this, don't believe it ever went commercial) with THREE lane track, double Microswitch controllers with jack, built in brakes and accessories!

Picture of aTycoPro display case with domes
     Pictures of the Supermite HO Dragster, the Aurora AFX in box packaging, the Riggen H0 and the Dynabrute
June 1971
     Track testing the TycoPro p18 (Ed Bianchi in detail)
     Flanagan column p40 discusses the Dynabrute and the Cobramite
July 1971:
Race Reports p 15--Tony Porcelli at Buzz-a-Rama
     Mini HO ad p51 featuring A/FX, Riggen, Dynamic, TycoPro and Cobramite
  TycoPro "Trade In" ad inside back cover-
August 1971
p 8, ad for Riggen Tractor trailer! 1st ad to mention new style drop down chassis
    p12 Flanagan Mini Mods for Riggen, gear mesh and pinion gear as usual!
    TycoPro Trans Am Camaro body mod p41
September 1971
  Dynabrute ad: The "Harpoon Principle" guide flag
     p 16: Powerslicks motor in a Riggen chassis for a Lil Red Wagon dragster...
October 1971
     How to paint clear plastic bodies p12
     Bamberg HT-50 rewinds p52

November 1971
   p10 column discusses Riggen gear mesh and hypoid alignment
     How to build the Kircher Lead Sled p45
TycoPro new cars p25
 Brass in full swing: Mini HO ad p 61
December 1971
Aurora Pit Kit ad p2
      good Riggen ad p 10 shows the VW bus and the early Mini Cooper

January 1972:
     Riggen Industries Inc advertisement p6 (the ad has different model numbers for three Hot Rods...)
     (HO Proving Ground: Track Testing Aurora's A/FX p 23)
     2 page TycoPro color ad p38
     (Setting Up Bob's HO Lead Sled by Bob Kircher p 39)
     p52, Flannagan discusses the Cobramite "Scratchmites"---3 types
     Dynabrute ad p59
     Riggen 113 VW Bus and 114 Mini Cooper--both very rare p 67 ad
February 1972:
     HO Model Proving Ground: The Boss Riggen p35
     Turning the Dynabrute into a Dynamic HO Funny Car p28
March 1972:
     Howard Kilgore article, AFX handling Mods p39. Uses a "Brimhall Body" with details and wing on his AFX car
     Phil Bamberg Mabuchi motor tips p58
April 1972
May 1972
     Kilgore reviews the AFX Super 2 p21
     Hopping up the TycoPro w AJ's parts p41
June 1972
     Bianchi tests HO Controllers p27
August 1972:
     HO Model Proving Ground Track Testing the Dynabrutes by Ed Bianchi p 33
     HO Mini Mod: long drop arm pan for a TycoPro by Tom Malone p 32
     Dynabrute ad p 55
     Custom Jerobee by Riggen Industries ad (Radio Control) p 9 "What Carroll Shelby does to a Ford, Riggen does to Jerobee"

AJ's BP-2 Brass Pan Stabilizer ad p 9
September 1972
     Endurance proofing your copper wipers (Bianchi) p 12

October 1972:
How to Build a Riggen HO Anglewinder by Ed Bianchi p17
November 1972
      p39 intro ad 8 White Boots
      p52 picture of a Kemp pan car
      p58 MAC Lexan bodies ad
December 1972*
  TycoPro Anglewinder p 38 pics of the Tycopro pan car prototypes
January 1973
p1 TycoPro column on fixing the white boots...
     p29 Testing the Super2
     p45: a NEW CAN MOTOR: K&S SS-9--I've never seen one!
     p46, the K&K RTR pan car
February 1973
 p9, Flannagan's can clip helper for the HT50
    p61, Creepy Riggen ad for 1/32 German military cars
March 1973

     p1 Tycopro column on COLOR
    p22 static balancing an HO armature
    p33 front pin tube body mount
    *****p47 K&K product review, great column by Kilgore
, also mentions Bronze man Products
    p 61 THE BEST RIGGEN HO AD! has a picture of the very rare VW Delivery Van

April 1973:
    HO Racing with Howard Kilgore p 15--column mentions magnet cars, HOPRA, Bamberg, Riggen/TycoPro dragster
    Pin Tube body mount for A/FX pt 2 by Howard Kilgore p20
September 1973:
Kilgore's HO World p 13--Carl Dreher SB Pan Car with magnets   
October 1973:

    Kilgore's HO World p15--Marty Thalison spec TCP SuperPro IN-LINE chassis w pictures
          mentions Bamberg rewind
November/December 1973:
     Kilgore's HO World p9--announces improved Riggen chassis by Dick Megugorac
January 1974
     ****Pictures of 4 TRUE Pro Built Chassis in the style of 1/24---these are ridiculous! P 6
February 1974:
Marty Thalison's "New Yorker" p 15
    p37, AJ's ad with the ISO pan
May 1974:

     p41--picture of 4 great A/FX based pan cars in race results
June 1974:
     Building of a New Yorker by Marty Thalison and Jaye Saarinen--TCP Open Class Pan car
     Kilgore's HO World p 19--column about HO Lexan bodies incl Parma, Thayer, K & K, Trojan, Snake

July 1974:
      p12, The Racers edge column builds and AFX with Shaker...

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