Tyco Pro Museum

Wiper Adjustment Tool....How to get a perfect wiper shape:

It became apparent that some type of fixture was needed for uniformity and speed in setting up the proper wiper shape (remember Angie was breathing down the necks of the QC and inspection gals not to hold up the line!). Wiper mis-adjustment was one of the most frequently mentioned "problems" from customers on returns and service...

Five of these tools were made. Each of the testing gals on the packing line was equipped with one and one was kept in my traveling toolbox for demos and fairs. This was made from a grey plastic sheet with a slot cut into one end.

It is used by laying the device on the pan....then sliding it forward around the flag and UNDER the wipers..

then pulling your thumbs slowly down on the wiper towards the rear of the car....notice the radius'ed front edge to avoid kinks...
gently curved: good...kinked: bad