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(Ed. note...FEBRUARY 2008....With great sadness I report to you that our Canadian friend and builder, Mr. Marv Miller has unexpectedly passed away. Marv was responsible for the design and the build of the limited edition drop arm chassis we planned to offer in Spring 2008.... He was also the designer of the Miller Guide Flag system as well as our Black Magic Motor. We do not have any inventory of these parts and there are no plans to have them remade...Please accept my apologies. Marv was a very good friend, and a true HO slot enthusiast. He will be missed.)

Introducing: The BLACK MAGIC CAN

In the tradition of the super custom, vintage and super rare Bamberg Engineering motors from the 1970's, we offer for your consideration
the RiggenHO BLACK MAGIC CAN....

--Vintage Mabuchi HT-50 Can
--Wizzard SP05 green wire arm, epoxied and balanced with trued commutator
--tapped brush barrells with lock nut soldered on
--fresh springs and comms
--stainless steel and brass hardware
--endbell level adjustment
--tabs clipped from can and endbell secured with brass machine screws
--polished allen wrench

Designed in conjunction with the Miller Guide Flag system for positive motor/lead/wiper
connectivity and tweak-ease...
Also available as a complete assembly which includes the
Black Magic Can and Miller Guide Flag system R-T-R (ready to replace) $50

      you decide....

--Fully dis-assemble vintage HT-50 can, confirm magnet strength, structural integrity of can
--re-ream, tap brush barrells
--solder 080 brass locking nut to barrells for ease of tweak and replacement of flag
--clean magnets with magnet putty and re-paint magnets
--trim tabs from top of can, clean and polish
--isopropyl bath before re-assembly
--modify endbell with level adjuster and securing machine screws
--install new brushes and springs
--check and re-space armature
--light alpplication of oil on arm shaft fr and rr
--bench test

*****Custom motor work....cans available in bright steel as well as crinkled black, we can also iinstall any Wizzard or other armature into refreshed and trued HT-50 cans with all other modifcations that you would like...

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