The TycoPro "Prototype Museum"
---featuring the Pat Dennis "prototype" collection...what was saved from back in the day and stories behind the items...

Here is the Comprehensive History of the TycoPro...(in case you arrived here from an external link)
More about the Brass Wars HO Scale era

and...if you are now inspired to get your TycoPro back on the track, hereare some articles to help get things back up to speed...
----HO Mini Mod--Long Pans from Car Model Magazine August 1972
----Using the AJ's brass pan handling 1 page 2 page 3
----for the more adventuresome...3 TycoPro mods for "modern" racing
----for those that want a lil' magnet with their Tycopro HO.....go here... the G-Pro

---What might have been.....the Tyco MK-II page 1 page 2 page 3

RiggenHO published a collector's newsletter from 2005 until 2010
see all the back issues of the Newsletter here....


Click on the following links for more details and photos of each item.....
Godzilla     Car Number One     Magnet Car     Jose Rodriguez     Project Wide      Funny Bugs...    
Project Formula 1     Upside Down T Jet     Parts and Projects    Decals   Race Set Archive
TycoPro patent     Salesman Tie Clips    Wiper Adjustment Tool... Die Cast Drop Arm


Here are "opening shots" for the items in the Collection.

Godzilla...The ORIGINAL TycoPro prototype, now in dragster form...

Wiper Adjustment to get a really good guide flag shape! Check those tires....neat lettering!

Car Number ONE ...made up from a chassis from the very 1st shipment of chassis's, with the first mask painted sample body (hand decalled by Pat Dennis) and, as this was the first car down the packing line, so this is literally JOB ONE....

Magnet Car became obvious that magnets were the future...this was the TycoPro team's first "look"

Funny Bugs......

The Artwork of Jose Rodriguez

Project Wide (this section includes all three parts of the original Car Model Magazine articles)

Project Formula 1

An "upside down" T Jet concept

"Parts and Projects"...motor samples, crown gear #1,

Salesman Tie Clip..... and also learn how the Toy Fairs worked....

Vintage Decals....


Additional Items and Links for collector consideration....
(your photos and stories welcome, please contribute!!!!)

TycoPro Rarity Guide -- subjective rankings, subject to change. Also has pictures of many varitaions....

(variation Ferrari, distinct ORANGE and unusual rear window detail) (rb)

Ford '40 Proto (rb) (more photos here...)

Possible Prototype Dunebuggy (js)

Possible Prototype Supermodified, and chassis (js)

TycoPro Carrying Case (tough item for collectors to find) (js)

TycoS to TycoPro transition set (js)

Iso Grifo color variations???? (rb)

TycoPro EARLY display and side view (js)

TycoPro promotional display (js)