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RiggenHO Limited Edition: Riggen HO Anglewinder IMPROVED VERSION
--built and painted by Kevin Crowe---"The Winning Edge"

Limited Edition of 10............$155 each July 2009
July 9th, ...sold out...


Following on from our previous Limited Edition Anglewinder, (see it here) we are pleased to present the modern day "Improved" version. The basis for this chassis is: what would we do differently with what we know now, and still keep the anglewinde layout?.

Build Details...



Kevin text

Purple Haze motor by Terry Flynn
cleaned and trued comm stack
wizzard sp05 arm
cleaned/polished can
notched endbell for easy cleaning and dyed PURPLEl


motor cage brackets very inuitive and also looks super sharp

excellent front guide absorbtion and very nice soft silicon slip ons on brass screw on wheels...to minimize vibrations

custom brass fronts

heavy chassis with the horsepower it needs, special weights at flag and underneath

all brass gearing made a very tight and secure gear mesh

Paint and Bodies

This edition uses three body styles 1/2/3..Kevin pulled these bodies and did all the paint work and detailing.

Driving Impressions...

how it runs on my track


tons of pictures: