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 Volume 2 Issue 2 Fall 2006

Hope you all had a great summer, but now that the kids are back in school, hobbies turn back indoors-- We are now using a mailing list service, and from this issue forward the newsletter will be web based.... this makes it easier for us to publish our content with hyperlinks and also provides faster downloads for readers. Please enjoy this issue and consider providing feedback and or content for distribution so we can make future issues better!

This issue looks at the brass past and into the future...lots of depth here and tons of links so have a good read!

About this issue or anything related; questions, corrections or comments, please contact us: RIGGENHO.COM.

Thanks for your continued support!

Ron Bernstein

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New Parts are in the works...

Over the summer we ran out of our supply of repro Riggen guide flags. A new batch is in production and will be available in November. Weights are useful for fine tuning, we are tooling up for variable front weights that sit on top of the guide flag. Check out the modified Riggen below that lit my lightbulb...Our second edition RiggenHO T-Shirts will be available in November....We are also working on a RiggenHO hop up kit...your ideas for what should be included are appreciated. See newsletter 3 for an article on the very useful TycoPro hop up kit.

See the complete line of RiggenHO Replacement  Parts here...

The HO Brass Wars

The main focus of this issue is the time period between 1968 and the mid 1970's; what I consider to be the sweetspot of vintage HO slot car racing. It was during this time that very effective technology advances were discovered and implemented widely...It is also at the end of this era that HO slot cars changed forever-with the advent of traction magnets.

Read all about it here: The HO Brass Wars

RiggenHo Poly Carb Chassis-TEASER

Currently in the prototyping stage is the next generation RiggenHO chassis. Find out more here....


RiggenHO on the track:

Hop Up Hints

--Try this: visit the website "wondermagnet" and check out the incredible array of very small yet very powerful magnets. Use your imagination for where and how--- I can tell you that the Mabuchi HT-50 can motor is perfectly sized for this kind of tweak. The placement I like is on either side of the can, acting as a traction magnet while at the same time ramping the efficiency of your motor. I don't know the physics involved but it works!


--Depending on your driving style and track type, you may benefit from some extra weight on the front. We have custom made brass fronts which not only add weight but also look great. We will be tooling up some new custom front weights (in brass of course) that help keep the nose down! Its all about SMOOOOTH!

Useful and Interesting Links:


RTHO Racing:  http://members.aol.com/RtHoRacing/

Rick Terry makes some great parts...OK, OK, I know mostly T-Jet!

Electric Dreams :  http://www.electricdreams.com

Large Scale cars designed by a man with true vintage heritage...see the "about us" section for the details.

From the Archives:

Historical Riggen Industries

We had time over the summer to review the complete line of Riggen Industries Boss HO cars and compared what we know to what was published on the "Brookedan" poster. Click this link for the updates. If you are trying to complete your collection of Riggen body styles, there are a few things you need to know!