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VINTAGE-NOS RIGGEN Custom Painted Bodies....

In 2005, we acquired a stash of unpainted VINTAGE, NOS Riggen bodies. They came in New Old Stock packages of three (yellow end cap boxes like the Hot Rods came in), of 12 different body styles. All were punched and trimmed by Riggen back in the day. We are pleased to offer the work of some of the best painters in the business for your RiggenHO chassis. These are one of a kind and once they are gone......(NEW SELECTION for 2007!)

---- RECCOMENDED FOR USE WITH PIN TUBES!!!! If your chassis is not set up with pin tubes, scroll down for the custom painted bodies that can "pressure fit" onto your chassis like the RiggenHO stock bodies... (even though these are vintage bodies, they seem to run a little wide, please ask for more details before purchasing!)

Current Custom Bodies in stock:
These are custom repaints of the vintage Riggen Industries #115 Ferrari 612 style 2
6 available as of December 5th, 2007. Recommended for use with pin tube shaker plate but WILL fit as press on...
$17.95 sold separately or $12.95 upcharge if ordered with new RTR 3000 chassis. Contact us for custom builds!

from left to right..blue (available)--silver (sold)--mett blue (sold)-- red (available)--yellow(sold) --orange (sold)

--Custom Painted Vintage Riggen bodies by Jairus Watson ; $24.95 (all presently sold out, watch for more)

--Custom Painted Vintage Riggen bodies by "Slot Pro"; $17.95 (all presently sold out, watch for more)

(Click images for larger versions of these examples, click the link above for his "page")

--Custom Painted Vintage Riggen bodies by "NOOSE" ; $24.95 (all presently sold out, watch for more)

(Click images for larger versions of these examples, click the link above for his "page")

The bodies above are not part of the RiggenHO offering (which we do have the original molds for)...they are NOS VINTAGE styles that were sold by Riggen Industries back in the 1970's. One of these body styles is the VERY RARE #107 Firebird type 2! This body does not appear on the Riggen Collectors poster and is therefore not well known by collectors. We know this is a proper style because of the packaging it came to us in including original box label!

More Custom Painted Bodies....Auto World Pressure Fit

We also have an assortment of 3 styles of vintage Lexan Can Am style bodies with hot paint jobs. These are the same bodies we offer in our club kit. THESE FIT FINE on the standard RHO chassis as well as the vintage Riggen chassis.
Available Styles: Lola T-163, Ferrari 612, Bryant Ti-22 $14.95

Photo's are examples only stock always changes, please inquire and request pics of current bodies!

(bodies by JN, bodies by RR)

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