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 Volume 2 Issue 4 Winter 2007

This issue looks at:
--- RiggenHO Production details (our first sell outs)...
---The 'Lil Red Wagon and some Black Magic
---A very rare "brass wars" collection addition
A preview of upcoming projects
---A very rare vintage Riggen collection addition

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RiggenHO.com History, Products and News

A RiggenHO Milestone...

When we first started RiggenHO, our primary mission was to provide painted and trimmed reproduction Lexan bodies based upon pulls from the original Riggen Industries resin molds we had acquired in a large collection purchase. We quickly learned from customer feedback that there was interest and demand for the brass chassis as well as various reproduction parts...hence the catalogue of various products offerred by RiggenHO quickly grew. We are proud to announce a significant milestone has been reached; the sell out of our first body style...by far our most popular seller.

          The #001 Porsche 917 body style is sold out and will be permanently retired by RiggenHO...

We know that repops are pretty easy to make nowadays but for your collector interest here are the facts:
--- 200 clear bodies were pulled from 10 different original Riggen Industries molds...each body style was painted in 4 color combinations. All of the bodies that were pulled were painted..this means there were NO clear reproduction bodies (if you bought one somewhere..it is not authorized by RiggenHO!).

We had approximately 5% shrinkage in available inventory from imperfections, mistakes and less than acceptable paint jobs....This means that there were approximately 190 Porsche 917's (body #001) available for sale.... and they are now gone....

Also, please note that we are sold out of the #005 Por 917 (early version) in RED....we still have stock in this style in green, yellow and blue.

I wish I could say that all of our body styles were as successful. Two body styles we had repopped did not do very well at all. They are the #007 Ferrari 612 and the #008 McLaren M8. These bodies are now available (UNTRIMMED ONLY) at the clearance price of $7.48 each or 4 for $20.00. These body styles were also made from the same vintage Riggen Industry molds but for whatever reason they fail to capture the imagination of our customer as the Hot Rods and the Porsche's have...time to make room...

I can understand why the Ferrari does not sell that well...the engine stack detail did not reproduce very well and the body is basically painted with 1 color...but the McLaren M8 is very sharp and deserves a closer look. Give this body a try and if you are not happy with it..I'll take it back!

I have a limited supply of the #010 Little Red Wagon back in stock...1st come first served....
------More details here...Lil Red Wagon ...

Check out the new: BLACK MAGIC MOTOR. Too hot?? Read about it:Black Magic

The HO Brass Wars...more history

An amazing find. Aurora pays homage to the scratchbuilders by making modified chassis to accomodate TCP hop up parts!!!

Find out more about this VERY RARE ITEM!

UPCOMING PROJECTS: Drop Arm Limited Edition-

Ou next Limited Edition...now underway...
Twelve chassis will be built and only 10 for sale so if you want one of these for your collection, please let me know asap and GET ON THE LIST...

Find out more about it on the Drop Arm preview page...

Yep. that's right...a hard body!!!

Collecting and Archive Notes:
A Recent Addition to the vintage collection...here is more information...

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