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All About RiggenHO Scale Sotcars
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HO Brass Wars History and Research
(updated Oct 2015)

--Brass Wars Intro
--Brass Wars History

The "Modern" Movement (added 2015)
(previous "new stuff" here)


--History of the TycoPro by G. Patrick Dennis 1967-1976

"The purpose of this is to document the factual story of the TycoPro. We were not a part of a huge organization with a multitude of marketeers, draftsmen, engineers, etc., we were just two young guys (initially just myself), with a real passion for developing revolutionary HO race cars and systems.

Without the (initial) full cooperation of Tyco's small management team and the talents of a group of Chinese Engineers, Tool makers and Model makers these products would never have come into being."

--Pat Dennis


--The TycoPro "Museum"


Collecting HO Scale Slot Cars
(updated April 2016)

or...go right to the story about
The Most Collectible HO Scale Slot Car EVER

Pat Dennis MK II Project, 1972-2015: 2010-2015: the ultimate-ultimate RiggenHO Limited Edition




Some Amazing 1/24 Slot Car Builds
Large Scale Builds of late 60's early 70's competition slot cars


Vintage Gas Powered Race Cars; 1940's-1960's

Quick "History Lesson" in photos

Collecting Tether Cars the RAB Collection 09/2015


Research Notes: The transition from Gas Powered to Electric to Radio Control (articles)

From Gas Powered to Electric Powered... (History)
Interesting Tamiya 1/25 Scale 1966 Ford Galaxy; somewhere between slots and models (motorized)
Miniature Auto Racing Magazine Gene Husting Race Report 1972 (History)


1970's-1980's Radio Control Cars
(this section has been growing, now moved to a dedicated category page)


1:1 Scale Cars and Motorcycles