Collecting HO Scale Slotcars
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Collecting Vintage Riggen (HO Scale)
--(almost) everything you need to know about collecting 1970's vintage Riggen Industries HO Scale slotcars

Other (mostly) HO Slotcars

--Side Job Garage Collection: John F's mostly HO collection.....some of everything (April 2016)
about 50 pictures..reference collection of Leganke, TCP, brass, and alot more

--Life-Like HO Electric Racing Slotcars deco models (new Nov 2015)

--Cobramite (HO Scale)
--Marusan (HO Scale)
--Micrex (smaller than HO Scale)
--G+ Period Race Cars (HO Scale) with first person commentary
--How they painted the Tyco Curvehugger
--Cars acquired from the Ken Hill / Model Motoring auction 1998
--AFX Super II ad, parts


Rich's Hobbytowne, A Vintage Hobbyshop

More sections coming back soon! Contact me if you need some information you think I may have...


(ed. note: the following article helps put things in context from Jan 1971, click for larger)

(and here's a lot more about Mini Raceways)