1970's - 1980's Radio Controlled Vehicles
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Some RC cars in my collection:

Japanese Buggies 1970's
Sankyo, Hirobo, Ishimasa, Izumi, Tomo, Spital...

Team Associated RC10 and of the era:

6010 Runner (RS01)
6016 Edinger A (RS02)
6000 "Stroppe" body (RS03)
6010 Cadillac Blue (RS07)
6020 Edinger yellow #7 (RS11)
6036 Team Car Graphite blue #5 (RS12)
6030 Team Car Graphite Stealth (RS13)

Team Losi JRX2 (RS14)
        Jr-X2 ad, 1990

Inet Blue Legend MIP 4WD

(Jan 2016 "projects")

RC10 Gold Tub Runner (as is now from above description RS01)


Top Force Evolution (Nov 2015)

Avante (Jan 2016)

(Father Son RC build's...inspired by this...)
I gave him the cool one.
Hot Trick Fox (son)
Tamiya Falcon (father)

TA02 cars

Projects...some builds I am (still) working on:
(some of these were started in 2007!)

MIP Trailing Arm build

A&L Sport 2 Rebuild
(needs new small pic)

Sassy Chassis "RED"

SRB w Modern Hop Ups Feb 2016
(work in progress)

RPM 8080 Ultra Molded (next up)

AYK 566B SuperTrail restoration (just a body and a motor to go)
(Feb 2016)

RC10T based Cage Project
(Dec 2015-Feb 2016)

Andy's RC10 based Cars

Composite Craft Chassis build

Tamiya Big Blazer Oly Style

MIP build like this one


RC10 Build Notes and Hardware

Interview with Gil Losi after the 1985 Worlds (including Halsey 4wd car)
Yokomo Dogfighter: dri slide on the chain run on the loose side, very "loose" fr end "tilt", free spinning drive train at rest, Novak NESC-1 w Airtronics, 3 pounds 9 oz.

1985 Jammin Jay Halsey proto RC10 4WD (RC10talk.com thread)

Good article about the re-release of the RC10, now called the RC10 Classic

Reference: "Box Art" painted body pictures from the TA catalogue...

Reference: which CRP Tires and Wheels fit which vehicles:
RC10 specific CRP reference

Stealth Exploded View


AYK Cars and Parts
Andy's cars and parts

(ad from 1990)

RPM cars and parts
MIP cars and parts

Team Pitstop
(click for larger version)
--Chain Drive Trannsmission 1990

--Diff Parts 1990

TPS scans from RC10talk

A & L Fiberglass RC10C2 and other cars and parts (A&L Lethal Weapon ad)

Hyperdrive 1990

Hydradrive article
Schumacher Viscodrive page 1, page 2

Autowing self adjusting Wing (1990)

Period Novak Electronics

Please note, alot of the information referenced here has been researched on the web. The most comprehensive Team Associated-RC10 Reference on the web: http://www.rc10talk.com.