Terry Flynn, Master HO Scale "Wrench"

Terry has been involved with RiggenHO since 2007. He is responsible for many of the innovations we have added to the RiggenHO product line and his craftmanship is truly excellent. Most of his builds include detailed "how to's" and parts/procedures lists so others can be inspired!

Not just a brass builder, he has done chassis' in many flavors...and is active in the Central Florida HO Racing Scene.

Contact Terry at Terry Flynn or by cell at 863 450 9837

A quick note from Terry, May 2009

It is interesting to have Ron pull together on one page the things I’ve helped him with. Looking back over the last several years to these Limited Editions is cause for refection. For me, it is easy t osee where we were faced with production issues and then the solutions to the problems. Several of these situations have lead to now ‘standard’ product line improvements. Richard Picard’s drop-motor chassis modification is a great example.

Ron does carry on about me being “The Wrench” – jeepers; you’d think I had magical powers or something ;-) But seriously, I don’t see myself as having anymore skill than the next. All I have to do is look to the rest of you to see how limited my abilities are. Really if you think about it, someone like Pat Dennis should be doing these LEs. Many of you have such greater fabrication and modeling skills that I would just roll it all up and head back to the barn.

That said, I view my self as more of General Contractor than a skilled craftsman. The Limited Editions require the input from several good people – I just get the job to pull it all together. Without the skilled contribution of these other individuals, RiggenHO would be a poorer endeavor. And with that, you gentlemen know who you are and Ron and I appreciate your professionalism and dedication to quality work.

All these Limited Edition efforts have led me to cross paths with fine and interesting folks. That in and of itself was the motivation for the first Super Seven build that I did. It was a way of saying thanks to some good guys.

Consequently from that build, I’ve done a second and have just finished a third. Any future runs, for example, will be limited to parts availability such as Super II magnets which are getting stupid in price. Other considerations are NOS A/FX chassis and silver stepped pickups.

But the Super Seven idea got Ron’s creative juices going and may lead to a RiggenHO Limited Edition that capitalizes on the A/FX modified chassis concept. We have to look more into parts availability and the input and cooperation of other people. Perhaps later this year we’ll have the idea firmed up.

Also, this year you will be seeing Limited Edition runs from other builders. It is great to see this participation. This will achieve one of Ron’s long-term goals for the product line. We all gain from the contribution of many dedicated people.

Thank you for your continued support of Ron and RiggenHO.

Left--Bowman 2 lane road coarse.....Right 63 Linear Foot Wiz Scorpion for the magnets


Most recently completed...


Gary Rider 71 race winner

October 2009

4000 Series Intro Limited Edition

July 2009

Scale Auto "Drop In Neo"

June 2009

Thor 8 Magnet....in the stable..

Summer Top Fuel Limited Edition

May 2009

Slottech 6 Magnet Cheetah


Flynn Super7, Round 3 ....all the details on this link:



Here is some of the work over the past two years:

Flynn New-Old School

Miller Drop Arm rescue project

IROC Limited Edition

East-West Limited Edition

Trans Am Limited Edition

Thingie 1 Limited Edition

Spring 2009 Limited Edition


Flynn Super 7 (three rounds)


JSinger Customs

Modifications and How To's

Riggen Pick Ups   Riggen Lead Wires

TycoPro Modifications

Tyco "G-Pro"



Reader Rides (early days of Flynn with RiggenHO and more)