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RiggenHO Production History

What we made, when we made it...

May 2005
Series 100 chassis is introduced ($48.95). There were 4 body styles 01 Porsche 917, 02 Hot Rod truck, 03 Four Engine Dragster and 04 Blown Bug. Each body available in 4 colors. Here is the press release..

Q3 2005
FSR Supermodified Special Edition ($125) limited 10 car edition. Brass Wars race NJ Hobby. Club Kit available.

Q4 2005
Series 1000 released ($48.95) as upgrade to series 100. Conversion kit offered with price coupon for upgrading 100 series to 1000 series specs. Upgraded rear wheels and tires, upgraded gear set. December 2005 Founders edition (limited 6 cars).

Q1 2006
Series 2000 released ($54.95). Upgraded motor to green wire can, improved assembly and quality control. RTR and Tuning Base. Four new body styles released: 05 Porsche 917 (early), 06 McLaren GT, 07 Ferrari 612, 08 McLaren M8. Each body style available in four colors. Fun Kit available. Custom painted bodies (Jim Nagy, Rabbit Racing) available.

Q2,3 2006
Various hop up parts available including pin style guide flag and pin tube shaker plate. Special Editions of (20) Lil Red Wagon ($99.95) and (5) Super Detailed Chaparral 2-J ($124.95). Stock Chaparral 2-J body style #09 and Lil Red Wagon #10 available in 4 colors.

Q1 2007
Series 3000 available, $54.95 upgraded motor, Wizzard wheel/tire combo, independant alu front end. RiggenHO AFX Pup Trailer available.

Q2 2007
Custom painted bodies by Noose and Jairus. Flynn "New-Old School" limited edition.

Q3 2007
RiggenHO PolyCarb limited Edition limited edition 10 cars numbered 00 through 09. Introduced Miller Guide Flag System.

Q4 2007
Black Magic motor introduced. Miller Drop Arm Limited Edition..(This edition and other parts engineered by Marv Miller have been tabled...we will miss him)...sold out body styles Por 917 (body 001) and Por 917 early version (body 005) red is sold out.

Q1 2008
IROC Limited Edition 36 hour sell out

Q4 2008
East/West Limited Edition sold out

Q1 2009
History and Museum Pieces on TycoPro and Pat Dennis Collection
Major Revisions Brass Wars section....(Gary Rider, et al...)
Trans Am Limited Edition, Cars listed on ebay (3 hour sell out...)
Thingie 1 Limited Edition

Q2 2009
Limited Edition Spring Special
Magazine Car Anglewinder
Funny Car!
"Improved" Anglewinder

Q3 2009
4000 Series Introduction Limited Edition, bodies by Raynoda...
---more Raynoda:
--first versions including Proto 1 Winger
--additional styles, with custom stands
-- how they're made

Q4 2009
RiggenHO 4000 Series Stock Chassis (3000 Series RTR retired)
Beedle Inspired AF/X Magnalite Limited Edition

Q2 2010
Eddie Mac Mini Cooper (wide wheel wells)

Q3 2011
Gary Rider design / Terry Flynn 71 Racer
--- and ---
--build your own Rider 71 by Gary Rider

Through the years: A lot of Work by Terry Flynn (main page)